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David G. Kelble Jr., a son, brother, husband, father and friend to many, died tragically in December 2012.  David was an avid skier, loved cars and trucks and was a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan!
David was a hero in many ways.  He was a volunteer firefighter in Montgomery County, PA for over 12 years.  Ultimately, he was also a hero to a number of organ recipients as an organ donor.  To follow in David's footsteps and be an organ donor click here to sign-up!

This foundation was formed to keep David's legacy alive by serving the 1st responder community with:

  • First Responder Safety

  • First Responder Training

  • First Responder Recruitment

Photo of David
David with his fire gear
David with a happy face
David in Flyers shirt
David and Son
David and Daughter
David with his family
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